Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trying to Shop Eco-Consciously

I'm over at the Green Phone Booth today sharing my seemingly contradictory approaches to shopping for new clothes. On one hand, I get most of my clothes for free from friends, or used at thrift stores. But I'm also willing to spend a lot to buy high quality items now and then. Both are part of my attempt to reduce resource consumption. Read on to find out the challenges involved (hint: shopping is hard and clothes don't always fit) and why it's important in light of the garment industry's ethically and environmentally questionable practices.


  1. Thanks for the well-wishes. And while I'm thinking about it, thanks for pointing me to Spotify. I love it. I've been using Pandora for years, but Spotify is so much more dynamic and I have discovered so much new stuff.

  2. A small number of high quality items wins out every time!