Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The happiest walk in the botanic garden

The story: 
We both had the day off to do something fun, and I suspected he might propose that day, but I didn't think he had the ring yet. We had a nice stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the early afternoon, and when we left the garden to get lunch, I thought it wasn't likely to happen that day after all. However, we passed the garden on our way home, and he pulled me back inside, at which point I knew.

Evan proposed under the yellow-leaved cherry trees, and of course I said yes. I gave him a letter as a surprise for him in return, which as a friend put it, is something that often seems missing from the process. We walked something like five miles that chilly November day. Back at home, the cat had no idea what just happened. That night, we celebrated over a special tasting menu dinner at The Grocery in Carroll Gardens. We enjoyed their great service and many seasonal-vegetable-driven dishes that reflect the way Evan and I eat. Then we spent the weekend feeling happy and sharing the good news.

The ring:
My ring was custom made by local Brooklyn designer Marian Maurer with responsibly sourced blue sapphires and recycled gold. We both had strong opinions about my engagement ring, and I ended up helping him pick it out. I have small fingers, so I wanted small stone(s) in a bezel or rosecut setting that wouldn't stick up much. I don't know how most women put up with the traditional prong setting that looks like you might accidentally do harm.

Evan didn't want a diamond, both because of ethical concerns and because it's a fake tradition launched by the diamond industry's advertising campaigns. Non-diamond engagement rings are hard to find, especially in a more non-traditional setting. I did extensive research on the subject, which I think I'll share with ring roundups in future posts. We chose a design at Clay Pot, which coordinated to have the designer put in sapphires. The store told us it would take about a month, but it was actually done in a week, lending some element of surprise to the process.

Since we want to get married next summer, I'm not ashamed to say that this blog may become wedding focused over the next several months.


  1. YAY! Congrats you wonderful creatures! Super exciting and can't wait for this to become a wedding blog! So much love to you xxx

  2. Congrats, Julia! My fiance and I are also in the midst of planning for a late summer/early fall wedding -- would love to see how you and yours navigate this wonderful new journey! Happy Happy!

  3. I love the letter idea! What a beautiful ring. I admire your ability to live your values as a couple. Congrats!

  4. Sounds so perfect! I couldn't be happier for you and your handsome fellow. It's incredible to see you're so happy and with your match. All my love! xo

  5. oh it is beautiful!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  6. Oh, Congratulations Julia! I am so excited for you. The ring is just beautiful. I agree with you about those intrusive settings that are so popular. Yay!

  7. Congratulations!!! How wonderful. And the ring is beautiful - I love non-traditional, non-diamond engagements rings!