Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping Reviews - Saja

The next shop I went to was Saja, a boutique in the Lower East Side that sells dresses by New York-based designer Yoo Lee. Her dresses are ethereal, floaty, and as I said to the saleswoman, all so pretty. They are the exact antidote to my Bridal Garden experience. Out of all the wedding dresses I've tried on, there was just one dress, at Saja, that elicited that "This is the one" moment you hear about. Both me and my friend Jamie felt it. However, the dress was $1,900.

Again, not my dress, just my favorite Saja dress. It was disappointing to not be 
able to take pictures, since it looked quite different on me than the model.

I considered it, even though I hadn't intended on buying anything. I asked my sisters if they would wear it (meh, they said). I could resell it. However, the next night I got stains on another dress I was wearing and realized that it would be stressful to keep the dress in good enough shape (at a farm wedding!) to resell. In the end, I am too practical to consider spending $2,000 on a dress that will be worn once, when there are so many other things that money can be spent on. More importantly, I already had vintage dresses to choose from that I liked a lot (and would cost me only alterations).

Saja's simplest and most popular designs like the one above are actually a very affordable option, as wedding dresses go. They cost around $950-$1,000, and if you are willing to wear a short dress, those are around $650. They can also be found used on sites like preownedweddingdress.com and oncewed.com for $700-900. The saleswoman claimed that because of the design and the simple hemming, alterations are usually less than $100, which seems cheap when you consider that wedding gown alterations can often run to $300. Moreover, Saja dresses are made of silk chiffon, which can be dyed to another color, and many of the styles would look well hemmed to the knee, so the dresses can actually be reconfigured as party dresses to wear again and again. Saja also sells their dresses in a range of colors for bridesmaids, which I would consider treating myself to except for the below issue.

While I love Saja dresses, I don't love that you must wear a strapless bra. In this case, it's because the fabric is so sheer that the saleswoman claimed it would affect the look of the dress to sew any lining or cups into the dress. They have NuBra backless adhesive bras in the store to try with the dresses, which I discovered are much more comfortable than regular strapless bras. However, wearing that for several hours would be a risk for someone with eczema, like me. I also thought some of the styles were just a little too low cut for my comfort level. (UPDATE from the comments: Rachel was able to get away with sewing cups into her Saja dress and looked beautiful in it...good to know!)

Another lesson learned from this trip - the importance of trying on a dress to find out what size you need. If I had bought a pre-used Saja dress online without trying anything on, I would have gone with something close to my normal street size. However, in the store, I found out that I actually fit into their size zero! I thought this would also make it hard to resell, since most people shopping online would similarly assume they could not wear a size zero.

Saja has many, many photos available on their website and facebook, all too easy to get lost in all the images of real brides looking beautiful in Saja's lovely dresses.


  1. Meh - my seamstress sewed cups into my Saja dress and it was fine! I think they're probably right that it isn't the best option with such delicate fabric, but I don't think anyone could tell.

  2. That top dress is gorgeous. I'm with you on the strapless dresses, though. I've never been comfortable in anything strapless. And, seriously, why on earth do more designers not make dresses that work with a perfect fitting bra!?! That goes for wedding and otherwise.

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