Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Engagement Photos

I really, really wanted to document the wedding planning process throughout our engagement, but I was too busy planning to write about it. I felt like I needed to be accomplishing some wedding-related thing on most free nights, and if not, then I just wanted to relax with my beloved. Well, the wedding has come and gone, we have been back from the honeymoon for a week, and we are now happily married. When people ask me what I will do with my extra free time instead of planning, my answer is, "I have to change my name and blog about the wedding." So regarding the latter, let the recapping commence, starting with our engagement session.

In general, I find engagement photos cheesy, but I knew we should do them as a way to get comfortable with having our pictures taken by our photographer. And I like the idea of trying to capture some pieces of our typical life. We found our photographer Jenna Salvagin through a friend of a friend - in fact, she was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my bridesmaids who got married a week after me. She has a great personality for a wedding photographer - I was in a terrible mood on the morning of our session, but Jenna's outgoing and positive vibe quickly put us at ease and turned my mood around. Most of my grumpiness was over the rainy forecast and my wardrobe - it's difficult to figure out what to wear that will look cute yet protect from rain.

However, the rain held off until late in the day, and it ended up being one of the nicest spring mornings in May, so we were able to capture a long stroll through our neighborhood of Park Slope (where we have been living for a year) and Prospect Heights (where we used to live). We started out at Cafe Grumpy, where we often take weekend walks for Evan's favorite coffee, followed by Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (where the proposal happened). 

Here we are sitting on the fallen petals of the cherry trees above us, on the same lawn where Evan proposed six months earlier.

Finally, I loved this portrait she took of just me. Jenna has a few more photos from our session up on her blog.


  1. You look absolutely radiant! I love that your photos aren't cheesy and weird. Instead it just looks like you took a friend along to document your day. Beautiful.