Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Cookies

I went a little crazy and made almost 200 cookies last weekend. I was worried about not having enough, so I multiplied most of my recipes by 1.5 and didn't realize I would end up with quite so many! I like to give them out to coworkers and bring to holiday parties. We were certainly busy with holiday celebrations this December. This year's gatherings included a sign that we are getting older -- a party with multiple babies and congratulations to some newly pregnant friends! 

Pumpkin snicker doodles are one of my trademark cookies that I make most holidays, since I usually have homemade pumpkin puree in the freezer, and they are a unique treat. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are another good standby, though not necessarily very seasonal. 

Almond biscotti are a favorite of my parents, so I tucked a batch for them under the Christmas tree. Some years I make chocolate gingerbread cookies with cocoa powder, but I opted instead to jazz up a standard spicy gingerbread recipe with walnuts since my brother-in-law does not like chocolate. I actually adapted Simply Recipes'  gingerbread biscotti recipe into cookies, so they are not overly sweet and are also great alongside a morning coffee or tea. 

New to me this year were the coconut macaroons. I have been afraid to make macaroons since failing at them several years ago. I'm not sure what wrong previously, since they were easy to make and tasted delicious. In fact, Evan and I voted the macaroons as our favorite cookie in this holiday batch, so I'm going to make more for our New Year's Eve party. 

Note: One trick I like to employ after making dough is to form it into logs and stick it into the freezer. That way it can easily be sliced and baked into uniform cookies. Usually 30 minutes is enough. You can also store dough logs up to a few months in sealed plastic bags, which also gives you the option to slice off a few at a time and bake them in your toaster oven for portion control.

Gingerbread walnut cookies
(adapted from Simply Recipes - minus the fresh ginger, with walnuts instead of almonds. Bake for 10-15 minutes like a regular cookie instead of baking twice like biscotti. Makes approximately 30 cookies.)

Coconut macaroons
(via The Kitchn)

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies
(recipe here on Color Me Green)

Pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies
(recipe here on Color Me Green)

Almond biscotti
(recipe here on Color Me Green)

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  1. They look so pretty when you freeze and slice them.