Monday, July 27, 2009

A Wedding on the Lake

They say that rain and sunshine both bring luck to wedding, each in their own way, and if it's true, then my friend Elaine and her new hubby Mike are doubly lucky...

It was pouring less than an hour before their wedding, as I arrived at our motel. The rain stopped on our drive over to the winery, leaving a looming gray sky. But amazingly, the sun came out with brilliance during their vows. No one was expecting that just an hour earlier! Much later, the night turned damp and dark with lightning strikes dotting the distance.

The venue itself, Glenora Winery in the finger lakes, was really lovely. The ceremony was beautifully set under a tent on a gently sloping hill with a view of Seneca Lake. The reception was held at the vineyard's restaurant with tables inside and cocktails and dancing outside on the covered deck.

Elaine's mother put together the flower arrangements, and Elaine participated in a bike ride to win the bouquets for herself and her bridesmaid Meredith.

I had never before seen my friends looking so elegant!

They wrote their own vows as testaments to their love for each other, which made everyone teary eyed.

The reception tables were simple and lovely, with little jars of flowers and pine trees to take home as favors. (I planted mine and then put it in a corner of the deck the dogs couldn't get at...and then forgot about it, so I'm not sure it's going to survive...)

I'm such a crybaby that I cried twice! Their slideshow was especially moving and sweet - photos of their families and friends growing up - recognizing the community that raised and supports them and had gathered for their wedding, followed by photos of the couple's milestones together, which I appreciated having not seen Elaine much over the past several years.

The bouquet toss was hilarious - no one wanted to catch it so we all just watched the bouquet sail over our hands and plop on the floor!

We got drunk on Glenora wine, relived old dance moves and huddles on the dance floor, had fun into the night, and planned on bringing a bottle of wine to the dock back at the motel but everyone fell asleep instead.

I only wish I got to see these girls more often.

Congratulations again and the best of luck to Elaine and Mike!


  1. what a beautiful wedding! The winery looks a lot like the scenery in the Okanagan (BC) where we used to live. :)

  2. How lucky that the sun came out - it's a beautiful space.

    I love your dress!

  3. What a beautiful wedding!!! I'm glad you had fun!

  4. meag - i'm in love with my dress too!

    yogini & marisa - yes it was such a beautiful location and perfect for a wedding! i only wish i had more time to explore more of the area before the weekend ended.