Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

As I prepare to move I decided it was high time to post a sneak peek as an homage to this little light-filled Lorimer Street perch of an apartment, because who doesn't love sneak peeks, inspiration, and getting a glimpse into others' homes? These photos were taken this past winter just following a cleaning binge, before things got messy with multiple dogs and roommates.

Welcome home!

This holiday wreath stolen from a work party is actually still up because I've been too lazy to take it down

Corner of the living room designated as "entryway." Stool found on the street. Need to remember to wear my apron more often.

This is where the cooking magic the world's smallest kitchen!

DIY tablecloth turned valences

Every winter I hang paper snowflakes to bring some cheer into the season. They've since been taken down. The far wall is filled with artwork and photography by me, friends, and family.

Due to the world's smallest kitchen, appliances had to make their home on one of the living room endtables, cozied up by a DIY table skirt cut from an old sheet.

The green directors chairs were handed down from my grandparents to my parents, who didn't want them, but I wanted them - they are so comfy! There used to be four, but silly roommates didn't realize that when the fabric rips, you can replace it instead of throwing the whole chair out! The chair on the right is happy to be sporting a new makeshift fabric seat.

Futon found on craigslist originally came with a blue behemoth of a mattress that was always falling off. Best thing I ever did was get this new futon mattress from Ikea instead of buying an expensive couch. I like having a place for visitors (aka primarily my sisters) to sleep. Instead of buying new "couch" pillows, I used ones from our vast collection of bed pillows with an Indian blanket* to round out the color.

My boyfriend built this dining table with his dad for his first NYC apartment. The chairs were built by his grandfather several decades earlier and I love the layers of peeling paint colors.

Looking from the living room into the bedroom. Found the adorable bread box on the street. I store dog treats in a glass jar to keep them handy. Old film reel found at a stoop sale with the eventual goal of turning it into a clock. In the meantime, it looks neat enough.

My dresser found at Salvation Army marked down to half off for $35. Still life painting by my grandfather. Keyboard I never play thanks to the complaining downstairs neighbors.

Boyfriend's dresser/TV stand. I've always hated having that huge movie poster distracting from the TV but we couldn't find any other place for it. Giant walking stick picked up one one of our hikes.

Can you see the dog in the painting is also lying on the bed? Can you tell Spencer is a lazy dog?

I put this little shelf (handed down from Meag when she jetted off to Argentina) to good use as my nightstand/desk.

The armoire that just gets passed from tenant to tenant because god knows how someone managed to get it in this apartment or how anyone could get it out. Boyfriend's pipes proudly accent the top.

Boyfriend's desk space. We were browsing an antiques/collectibles store at the beach and he just had to have that Rooster artwork.

Recapping all of this reminds me just how "green" my furniture is, most of it being secondhand, except for a few Ikea splurges. Happy to have a home filled with meaningful items picked up together along the way - all of that means more to me than a shiny new Pottery Barn look. What do you like about your home?

* not PC I know but that's what he calls it!


  1. Does that mean I'll get to keep the armoire for being a great sister?
    Also, I miss that cute little piglet

  2. Aww...goodbye Williamsburg! Hello bigger kitchen! :) Happy move.

  3. I love your lounge! And the grandfather's heart layered paint chairs!

  4. Lovely new place!

    However, I'll fight you for the title of "World's Smallest Kitchen." If you've got any kind of girth, you're not allowed in mine :)


  5. Elizabeth - this is the old place actually, haven't moved into the new one yet! i'm sure there are lots of "world's smallest kitchens" around the world. checking out your blog now!

    Lisa - doy of course you get the armoire

    meag - it will be happy once the moving is over.

    modelmental - thanks, those chairs are special and dear to my guy's heart.

  6. Julia, Your kitchen may be tiny, but it is one of the cheeriest kitchens I've ever seen. Love all the vintage flair! So inspiring. Thanks for the peek.

  7. PoP - blush, i'm glad all my pops of cheer worked!

  8. Your home is so FUN!! I also adore the tiny kitchen- very cheery :)

  9. eco yogini, thanks! i'm sure those paper snowflakes add to the fun-ness.

  10. Wow, that kitchen IS small! You've got me beat! :)