Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Dried Flowers

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I contributed roasted brussel sprouts and my mini apple pies and pumpkin cupcakes (and whoops, realized I left out the leavening in the cupcake recipe, which is fixed now!). Poor things got a little messy looking on the train ride, oh well. I must say, it takes wayyy longer making mini pies on your own than with a friend...dunno if I'll be doing that again.

So we feasted on delicious food and left with full bellies. No turkey for me this year, though. I am proud to have stuck to my guns about being careful what meat I eat. Given that most turkeys consumed around the country on Thanksgiving have such huge breasts that they can't walk or fly or procreate and live horrible little lives, I was okay with abstaining. I understand it's not easy or cheap, and therefore not possible for everyone, to procure heritage turkeys, but I'd love to have the opportunity to host Thanksgiving one day with a formerly happy turkey on the table.

I am now engaging in a long weekend of semi house arrest. It's very relaxing, and I'm looking forward to many more days of luxurious sleeping in coming up this month*, since I have to use up several vacation days before the end of the year.

So, these dried flowers. They would make a beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpiece. But Thanksgiving aside, this bouquet from the farmers market was $8 well spent, since they will be beautiful in my home all winter long. I got into the habit of buying fresh flowers weekly at the market, but as with following seasonally available produce, I'm letting fresh flowers give way to dried now that winter's on its way. Much easier upkeep too - like Ginny, I appreciate that there's no need to change water and trim stems. They'll perpetually stand proudly, bringing some cheer into my home. Case in point, I also still have the pussywillows from last spring. Dried flowers would be a great eco-friendly and cost-effective option for restaurant centerpieces, not to mention weddings.

I arranged them in glass vases and old bottles around the apartment, and the sculptural look of this last one is my favorite.

*I'm also looking forward to birthdays and the holidays! The end of November through the end of December is an exciting time for me...


  1. I love those dried flowers, such a great idea for brightening up winter, and your photos are great too. Hope Milo recovers soon!

  2. mm, i love dried flowers. i have a bunch strewn all over my bedroom right now.. :)

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Those little apple pies and pumpkin cupcakes look scrumptious and I'm impressed you resisted the turkey. I wish I could say the same, but I'm a weakling. Maybe next year... Oh and Milo is so handsome! We need to get our fat little Alfie neutered---thanks for reminding me : )
    XX Kate

  4. Hi Julia! I just saw your comment on Jamie's blog, desert fete, and thought you might find this tutorial about how to widen your blog helpful. I don't know HTML from a hickory switch but managed to figure it out and it makes *such* a difference, aesthetically:

    If you upload the newest version of blogger's editor you will have the option of making your pictures bigger. Hope that helps!

    Stop by bigBANG studio if you have time!

  5. I love dried flowers...these looks so pretty. i'm also obsessed with pumpkin cupcakes lately and am going to try the recipe!

  6. :) just made my own dried flower arrangement yesterday! your tall arrangements in tall bottles look great!

  7. Marie - oh milo is feeling fine and was back to his playfights in no time, even though he is supposed to be resting.

    rebecca - lots of flowers in your bedroom sounds lovely

    Kate - thanks, i do believe milo is one of the cutest dogs i've known ;-) good luck with your neutering.

    bigBANG - thanks for the tips, i will definitely check that out!

    Giovanna - i hope the recipe works out for you!

    Biz - thanks for checking out my blog!

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