Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Reflections

I've already made my resolutions for my 27th year, but the new year is also a time to reflect. When I think back on the last year, I feel proud of all that I accomplished and all the experiences I managed to pack in. Despite the lack of sleep (see above resolutions, which include going to bed earlier), it was a year that saw me realize several steps toward being the person I want to be. 2011 was the year I:

* Started working for an environmental nonprofit, where I have now survived a year of the steep learning curve there.

from a restorative work retreat in Vermont

* Started bike commuting, managing 20-40 miles most weeks since March.

* Joined a band (the garage rock/punk band Sexy Neighbors).

* Played my first solo shows since 2007 and wrote several new songs.

* Met my awesome boyfriend.

* Finally visited Portland, Oregon, the land people have long told me I would love

* Visited my friend's little cottage on Cape Cod for a fun August weekend of lobster and beaches

* Was membership co-head of the Bushwick Food Coop for six months. 

* Moved twice and now live with my best friend.

* Meanwhile, we have dealt with a three month scourge of bed bugs (and no it's not quite yet over), so the new year will hopefully bring us a return to home normalcy. In the meantime, life goes on and work goes on and I go on trying to be the person I want to be.

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